5. Repetition Moves You Forward

Once you start doing this and see the results, you will wonder why you put it off. You will be pleasantly surprised. Source is eager to channel the creative force through you when you are willing and diligent with your exercises. You will be rewarded with many times more benefits than the effort you put in.


Are you getting what you desire from life? Are people who need your services coming along and providing opportunities you need to meet your goals? If not, consider this. Desire is important, but it must be activated by focused attitude and action. Desire alone is futile.

Mixed signals you broadcast will return mixed results. Unruly thinking scatters the power you need to make your desires real.

The Master Key Exercises

The Master Key provides gentle mental exercises that slowly strengthen your thinking muscles so you can stay focused and achieve your goals. When you proceed slowly and methodically, the benefits are sure to follow because of the Universal law of Cause and Effect.

Repetition is Your Friend

Like playing an instrument, learning a language, or riding a bicycle, the only way to mastery is by willing yourself to practice regularly. Do the Master Key exercises repeatedly so they become second nature.

When you work out, your muscles become powerful. You do not create the muscles. That part is done for you by the sympathetic nervous system which acts on instructions sent through the cerebro-spinal nervous system by your conscious mind. It is the same with exercises that focus your thought and strengthen your mind.

Desire alone will not cause your muscles to grow stronger. All you can do is repeat the movement. Mixed signals scatter the will to put in the effort required.

Source is eager to channel creative Sacred Power through willing beings. Repeating the Master Key exercises will result in more benefits than the effort you put in. So, even when the exercises seem difficult or next to impossible, keep trying so you can reap the benefits.

The Second Meditation

Get comfortable and sit completely still for at least 15 minutes.Relax every tense muscle. Now you will attempt to gain control of the random thoughts that constantly run through your brain. With eyes closed, focus on a spot in front of your face and observe what you “see”. Stay in that frame of mind as long as possible. Most people find this difficult to do for more than a few seconds. Keep trying until you are able to hold your mind in the present moment longer than you have before.





Message to Isaac

Do you want the power to succeed? Good news! You were born with it.

I find it easier to focus during meditation when I dwell on a few passages from the Master Key beforehand. Most people who try to read that book say it is meaningless. Strange because it really helps me. That’s why I’m going to share basic ideas from it and hope they will inspire you too.

Little Miracles

Do you want the power to succeed? Good news! You were born with it. You just need to discover how to tune in and make it work for you.

You will think of reasons why you should ignore this suggestion: It doesn’t make sense. You don’t believe it. It’s not the right time or place. Do yourself a favor and check it out anyway.

The exercises will seem difficult at first. But keep trying. You will get rewards before you even get good at it. You will see little “miracles” at first, and they will increase as you keep going.

To bring health, wealth, happiness, security into your life you need to switch on the health, wealth, happiness consciousness. What does that mean, you ask? Should I lie to myself?

It just means your mode of thought determines your reality. Scattered thoughts cause scattered results. The Master Key show you how to focus . There is no better way to spend your time.

The Meditation

The first step is train your body to relax when you tell it to. Today, sit still for at least 15 minutes. Think about the various parts of your body and release tension in any spot where it gathers as you become aware of it. This simple exercise is the first step of learning how to activate the power within to attract the good things into your life.

As you understand how to plug into your power and direct it, you will gain momentum day by day, and gain confidence.