8. Your Nervous Systems

Your subconscious mind is part of the whole Divine Mind like a drop of water is part of the ocean.


Eliminate the tendency to complain about conditions in the past or what they are right now. Make them what you want them to be by sending positive thoughts through your two nervous systems.

Your conscious mind works because of a system of nerves called the Central Nervous System. The brain is the command center of your conscious mind. This is where you examine all the stimuli coming in through the five senses and consider how they affect you and what, if anything, you should do about them. This is where you exercise your powers of reasoning and will.

You also have a Sympathetic Nervous System controlled by your subconscious mind. Its command center is a mass of nerves located behind the stomach. It is called the Solar Plexus. One of its jobs is to control all the vital functions of your body and keep everything running smoothly.

The two nervous systems are connected by the Vargus nerve, which leads from the base of your brain (the Central Nervous System), through the chest area, with branches to the heart and lungs and down to the diaphragm — a muscle that plays a major role in breathing. This is where the Central Nervous System nerves loose their outer coating and become the fine radiating nerves of the Solar Plexus, between the diaphragm and stomach.

After the brain decides a thought is true, it is sent to the subconscious system for further action. Once this thought energy leaves the brain enroute to the Solar Plexus, it is no longer subject to reason. The subconscious mind does not argue or decide anything. It only takes instructions and acts. It accepts the conclusions of the conscious mind as final.

The system is designed for your benefit and protection. Imagine how chaotic life would be if you had to consciously manage all the functions of your body that take place behind the scenes. You would have to be very intelligent to understand exactly how everything works. Instead you are endowed with a portion of the Universal Intelligence that is dedicated to maintaining the conditions necessary to carrying on Life within you. Your Sympathetic Nervous System is your connection with that Intelligent Life that is omnipresent and omniscient — it is everywhere and all knowing.

It takes practice to consistently think thoughts that crystalize into favorable actions, events, and conditions. The good thing is, it doesn’t cost you anything except time. Since you are spending time anyway, might as well spend it wisely. Being aware of exactly what you are funneling to your subconscious mind is an important step.

The Second Meditation

Relax your body as you learned to do in the first meditation. Your mission now is to inhibit thoughts that pop into your mind. Stray thoughts will come in constantly. The moment you let your guard down, you will drift into some irresistible mental scenario. As soon as you realize it, will yourself back to focusing on the present. Consider the various body parts to see if your thoughts are causing you to tense up. Pay particular attention to the area of your Solar Plexus.

Slowing down your thinking this way will help strengthen that inner guard that is in charge of the quality of thoughts you want to entertain. It is a starting point to mastering encroaching worries and thoughts of defeat.

7. How to Renew Your Mind Today

Raise your vibration with harmonious music, art, beauty, inspiration, empathy, and kindness.

You have been presented with a free gift to use throughout your life. It is the ability to direct your thoughts. Use the gift today to control your circumstances. Remember, no matter if you are thinking intentionally or not, your thoughts are still creating your reality.

Change your life by changing your thoughts

If you want to improve your circumstances, it is necessary to first change your thinking. Intentional thinking is like eating food that makes you healthy. You can eat what builds you up, or you can eat what makes you fat and sick. Either way, you are in charge. It’s the same with what you decide to feed into your mind.

Your life is a reflection of your predominant mental attitude. If your predominant mental activity has been negative, you can make the choice to switch channels to an uplifting program. This may seem as hard as rolling a boulder uphill. It will be easier if you always look for the best and highest things for your mind to tune in on.

Raise your vibration with harmonious music, art, beauty, inspiration, goodness, kindness, magnificence on a regular basis. Stop eating the bad mental stuff. You are what you eat. And you are what you think.

You may not be able to control your thoughts most of the time. You may not have power over most things coming at you. But you can start to change that right now by using your free will to focus on whatever uplifts you and those around you. Actively make the choice to look for those things and attune yourself with them.

The Second Meditation

The resting meditations teach you to observe the quality of thoughts you entertain and how they affect your body. The practice of intentionally sitting still and resting the body and mind is the first step to renewing your mind. You must practice it before moving ahead with other Master Key meditations.



6. Small Miracles

Success in life hinges on your ability to control your thinking so it works for you not against you. Start by practicing stillness.

Whatever your present circumstances, you will start to experience small miracles as you do the Master Key meditations.

An important part of the Master Key wisdom is to show kindness and helpfulness to those around you. This goes hand in hand with time you spend in your meditations.

You will start to see small miracles right away. They may come as people reaching out to you with invitations and opportunities, and your interactions becoming more harmonious. New ideas and insights will bubble to the surface.

The Universal Intelligence is “on your side.” These small miracles come when you are on the path to a higher, harmonious consciousness.

You will find out that the way to get on this path is by resting your body, mind, ego, and self, rather than battling the array of circumstances that confront you on the physical plane.

The Second Meditation

Be comfortable and still for at least 15 minutes each day. Sometimes it takes more than 15 minutes to quiet your unruly mind, so it is best to chose a time of day when you don’t feel rushed because of other obligations. Do your meditation at a time when you can sit and wait until your racing brain finally catches up to your intention to sit quietly in the present stillness and invite the Abundant Universe to reveal itself to you.

Be motionless and release the tension in every muscle. The breathe may be deep or shallow, or both — whatever helps you relax. Then gain control of your wandering thoughts by focusing on the “screen” in front of your closed eyes.

When you are thus seated and trying to clear your mind, remember you are following the example of two great spiritual leaders. Buddha sat silently under the Bhodi tree until enlightenment came upon him. And Jesus said he was not asking people to do anything difficult, but to simply “Enter into my rest.” Be thankful for this wisdom passed down to you about the path to enlightenment. Allow yourself to rest.

5. Repetition Moves You Forward

Once you start doing this and see the results, you will wonder why you put it off. You will be pleasantly surprised. Source is eager to channel the creative force through you when you are willing and diligent with your exercises. You will be rewarded with many times more benefits than the effort you put in.

Are you getting what you desire from life? Are people who need your services coming along and providing opportunities you need to meet your goals? If not, consider this. Desire is important, but it must be activated by focused attitude and action. Desire alone is futile.

Mixed signals you broadcast will return mixed results. Unruly thinking scatters the power you need to make your desires real.

The Master Key Exercises

The Master Key provides gentle mental exercises that slowly strengthen your thinking muscles so you can stay focused and achieve your goals. When you proceed slowly and methodically, the benefits are sure to follow because of the Universal law of Cause and Effect.

Repetition is Your Friend

Like playing an instrument, learning a language, or riding a bicycle, the only way to mastery is by willing yourself to practice regularly. Do the Master Key exercises repeatedly so they become second nature.

When you work out, your muscles become powerful. You do not create the muscles. That part is done for you by the sympathetic nervous system which acts on instructions sent through the cerebro-spinal nervous system by your conscious mind. It is the same with exercises that focus your thought and strengthen your mind.

Desire alone will not cause your muscles to grow stronger. All you can do is repeat the movement. Mixed signals scatter the will to put in the effort required.

Source is eager to channel creative Sacred Power through willing beings. Repeating the Master Key exercises will result in more benefits than the effort you put in. So, even when the exercises seem difficult or next to impossible, keep trying so you can reap the benefits.

The Second Meditation

Get comfortable and sit completely still for at least 15 minutes.Relax every tense muscle. Now you will attempt to gain control of the random thoughts that constantly run through your brain. With eyes closed, focus on a spot in front of your face and observe what you “see”. Stay in that frame of mind as long as possible. Most people find this difficult to do for more than a few seconds. Keep trying until you are able to hold your mind in the present moment longer than you have before.





4. How to Renew Your Mind

Your thoughts are vibrations that radiate out of you into the unseen Universe and attract more of the same, like a magnet.

You have a very useful tool inside you and it’s free. It is the will to direct your thoughts. Use this will power wisely and you will reap rewards in your daily life.

When you realize you have the tool, it is your choice to harness it and start creating the life you want. Your thoughts are continually creating your reality, so learn to use the tool to create what you want.

Look around. Everything in the human built environment started with a thought that was put into creative action.

Thoughts are the germs of creation and activity. What are you creating? What are you thinking about? What are you allowing yourself to dwell on?

How to Renew Your Mind

When somebody decides to become a doctor, mechanic, farmer, musician, or anything in this life, they start learning how to think like other doctors, mechanics, farmers, and musicians. And they must train their bodies to align with those thoughts by repeating certain activities that turn into skills. You can only become what you think about.

It’s the same with the predominate mental attitude you would like to have. You are always becoming what you think and practice.

There are only so many hours in the day, so use them wisely to think yourself into becoming what you want to be. The first step is to practice being in the mental present.

The Second Meditation

Nobody said it is easy for a newbie to control his thinking, anymore than it is easy for a baby to walk. The practice of intentionally sitting still and completely relaxing your body is the first step to learning how to use the tools in your mind. Close your eyes and relax the muscles of your face, jaws, shoulders, stomach, and anywhere else you gather tension. Now, add the second step. With eyes still closed, focus your mind out beyond your face, just beyond your eyelids. See how long you can “look” at this space before drifting off into a daydream. When you realize that you’ve drifted, don’t give up. Take inventory of your body. Relax anything that has tensed up from your thinking, and focus on the spot beyond your eyelids again. Keep doing this for at least 15 minutes. Practice this every day for a week.



2. Notice Your Power

It is true that you have power at your fingertips that most people completely ignore. Learn how to use it, and you will find your hopes and dreams being fulfilled. The power is there freely for everyone and anyone to use. When you realize how fantastic it is, you might wonder why you waited so long to appreciate it.

You Operate in Two Worlds

To harness the power, you have to know yourself better. Your body seems solid and your mind seems to be encased in it. But neither one is true. Your body is matter, which is energy. And your thoughts are energy. Energy vibrates. Your entire being is vibrating energy.

You are very familiar with the solid person. Taking time each day to sit quietly and be in awe of your vibrating energy will open your mind and improve your outlook.

The First Meditation

Sit comfortably still for 15 minutes or more in the Egyptian style, feet flat on the ground, hands on lap. Relax every muscle, release every tension. Let your thoughts wander, but bring them back to consciously relaxing your body. Breathe deep or shallow — whatever helps you relax. Consider that you are not really solid, but that you are vibrating energy.