6. Small Miracles

Success in life hinges on your ability to control your thinking so it works for you not against you. Start by practicing stillness.


Whatever your present circumstances, you will start to experience small miracles as you do the Master Key meditations.

An important part of the Master Key wisdom is to show kindness and helpfulness to those around you. This goes hand in hand with time you spend in your meditations.

You will start to see small miracles right away. They may come as people reaching out to you with invitations and opportunities, and your interactions becoming more harmonious. New ideas and insights will bubble to the surface.

The Universal Intelligence is “on your side.” These small miracles come when you are on the path to a higher, harmonious consciousness.

You will find out that the way to get on this path is by resting your body, mind, ego, and self, rather than battling the array of circumstances that confront you on the physical plane.

The Second Meditation

Be comfortable and still for at least 15 minutes each day. Sometimes it takes more than 15 minutes to quiet your unruly mind, so it is best to chose a time of day when you don’t feel rushed because of other obligations. Do your meditation at a time when you can sit and wait until your racing brain finally catches up to your intention to sit quietly in the present stillness and invite the Abundant Universe to reveal itself to you.

Be motionless and release the tension in every muscle. The breathe may be deep or shallow, or both — whatever helps you relax. Then gain control of your wandering thoughts by focusing on the “screen” in front of your closed eyes.

When you are thus seated and trying to clear your mind, remember you are following the example of two great spiritual leaders. Buddha sat silently under the Bhodi tree until enlightenment came upon him. And Jesus said he was not asking people to do anything difficult, but to simply “Enter into my rest.” Be thankful for this wisdom passed down to you about the path to enlightenment. Allow yourself to rest.