10. Meeting of the Minds

There is no limit to the amount of energy you can channel from the abundant, live giving, Universal Source, as long as you don’t block it with the Big Three: fear, guilt, and worry


Your mind is part of the Universal Mind, which is always creating and renewing itself. The Solar Plexus is the gateway where the human mind blends with the Universal Mind.

The Solar Plexus is the physical point where your subconscious mind radiates out to the sacred Universal Mind and where the Universal sends inspiration, creation, and power into you.

There is no limit to the amount of energy you can channel from the abundant, live giving, Universal Source, as long as you don’t block it with the Big Three: fear, guilt, and worry.

Fear is a natural survival instinct that your physical body and mind are expected to react to proactively. Guilt is natural and needs to be processed properly, or it will fester and infect your mind and body like a plague. Worry is completely useless. All three are counterproductive when not managed the way god intended.

Your thoughts determine the brightness of your internal sun and in turn, your personal magnetism. If you do  not believe this, make a personal experiment to test it. Change your predominant thought patterns and notice the difference in how people react to you and the type of experiences that result.

Pleasant thought expands the Solar Plexus. Unpleasant thought contracts it, so guard your gateway and be picky about what goes in and out. Thoughts of courage, power, confidence, faith, and hope provide a sense of freedom.

Let your light shine. The more positive energy you radiate, the faster you will be able to switch from undesirable conditions to joy, pleasure, and abundance.

But how do we let our lights shine and radiate good energy when negative stimuli are constantly coming at us? Our only hope is to improve the quality of our inner landscape. It may be difficult to change ourselves, but it’s much easier than changing others.

It is highly recommended that you start by eliminating all guilt. There is no way the solar plexus can function with the great big boulder of guilt blocking your gateway.

Most people have heard how to eliminate guilt, yet many are unwilling to take the necessary steps. You must sincerely confess to yourself, your Creator, and your “victims” that you were wrong, ask for forgiveness, then do everything in your power not to repeat the same mistakes.

Confessing guilt will make you feel lighthearted, then it will be easy to have confidence and faith. People might chose not to forgive you, because they don’t understand that doing so frees them as well. That’s okay because your Creator is one hundred percent willing and ready to forgive the person who admits when they are wrong — no strings attached. This is Natural Law. Your Creator is all about love, light, and liberty.

The Third Meditation

Relax your body and focus on the here and now. Pay attention to any tense places and relax them. Think about your Solar Plexus. See the bright sun radiating from it, sending out soothing warm light, life and love. Realize that life giving energy comes through your solar plexus from the Source of All Life and that the Creator is eager to channel this energy through you. Stay focused on this one thought as long as you can. When you realize your thoughts have drifted, take a mental inventory of your body and relax again any area that has tensed up. Finish your meditation by inhibiting thought and sitting with your mind still.

9. Get to Know the Sun in Your Body

Blocking the internal sun is the cause of every ill to the human race: physical, mental, and environmental.

The Solar Plexus

A plexus is an intricate network of nerves. The one behind your stomach is called “solar” because of the many nerves that radiate out from it. And, like the sun, this Solar Plexus is a central distribution point from which the energy of your body is constantly generating. This energy is real, and like the sun in the sky, it is incredibly powerful and crucial to your life.

The energy that radiates from your Solar Plexus is thrown off in the atmosphere that envelopes your body. When this radiation is strong, a person seems “magnetic.” Others are attracted to them, it feels good to be around them. Their presence alone will often soothe troubled minds.

The Cause of Every Ill

When the Solar Plexus radiation becomes blocked for any reason — such as worry, guilt, and fear — the life energy from the Divine Force is diminished or blocked. This is the cause of every ill to the human race: physical, mental, and environmental.

Physical, because your internal sun is no longer generating enough energy to vitalize the body. Mental, because because your two minds rely on the Sympathetic Nervous System to function smoothly. Environmental because the connection of your subconscious mind with the Sacred Power of the Universal Mind mind is interrupted.

Life is expressive and it is our privilege to express ourselves harmoniously and constructively. Sorry, misery, unhappiness, disease, and poverty are effects. You are the only one who can identify and eliminate their causes. Rise above and beyond all limitations of any kind by paying careful attention to what you are thinking. What is going in and and what is coming out of your mind?  Will yourself to consciously replace negative thoughts that oppress you with ideas that bring freedom and harmony.

The Second Meditation

Sit still, close your eyes, and relax your entire body. Is your solar plexus relaxed or does it feel “nervous?” Relax your conscious mind by inhibiting thought and lingering in the present moment. You will still get messages from your senses and make conclusions about them, because that is part of your automatic survival mechanism. You are safe in this moment. Just relax into the present and rest your mind. Next, visualize your solar plexus as a bright sun that radiates healing warmth and comfort.

When you notice that your mind has wandered, make a mental sweep of your body, relaxing any tense areas that have developed. End the meditation by clearing your mind of daydreams, plans, reasoning. Simply rest in the silence.

6. Small Miracles

Success in life hinges on your ability to control your thinking so it works for you not against you. Start by practicing stillness.

Whatever your present circumstances, you will start to experience small miracles as you do the Master Key meditations.

An important part of the Master Key wisdom is to show kindness and helpfulness to those around you. This goes hand in hand with time you spend in your meditations.

You will start to see small miracles right away. They may come as people reaching out to you with invitations and opportunities, and your interactions becoming more harmonious. New ideas and insights will bubble to the surface.

The Universal Intelligence is “on your side.” These small miracles come when you are on the path to a higher, harmonious consciousness.

You will find out that the way to get on this path is by resting your body, mind, ego, and self, rather than battling the array of circumstances that confront you on the physical plane.

The Second Meditation

Be comfortable and still for at least 15 minutes each day. Sometimes it takes more than 15 minutes to quiet your unruly mind, so it is best to chose a time of day when you don’t feel rushed because of other obligations. Do your meditation at a time when you can sit and wait until your racing brain finally catches up to your intention to sit quietly in the present stillness and invite the Abundant Universe to reveal itself to you.

Be motionless and release the tension in every muscle. The breathe may be deep or shallow, or both — whatever helps you relax. Then gain control of your wandering thoughts by focusing on the “screen” in front of your closed eyes.

When you are thus seated and trying to clear your mind, remember you are following the example of two great spiritual leaders. Buddha sat silently under the Bhodi tree until enlightenment came upon him. And Jesus said he was not asking people to do anything difficult, but to simply “Enter into my rest.” Be thankful for this wisdom passed down to you about the path to enlightenment. Allow yourself to rest.