3. This is Your Birthright

Here is a seed of thought for you to consider.

The Life Force is always recreating everything in the universe, including you. It is the Power that keeps everything from scattering into a trillion chaotic pieces, and it is everything. It is good for you to get in tune with it.

The Force is everywhere on all dimensions and realities into infinity for ever. It is a vibrating energy that keeps you breathing, and it is the breath itself.

It animates every atom of your body, and it is the atoms themselves.

Good things happen when you sit still and acknowledge the amazing power that’s holding you together. Like water that rushes into any small channel available, the Force naturally flows to and through people who want to get in tune with it.

Create a tiny channel in your being by thinking about the Life Force inside you. It wants to express itself through you. It is pure light, life, and love. It will make the channel bigger, just like water.

The Force is your birthright. It gives you life and will bring abundance too, depending on the degree that you create space for it. It wants to express itself through you.

The Meditation

Make time each day to focus on being a willing channel for the Force. The small seeds you plant by going inward and focusing your mind on the Force will bloom and grow in your life. It is the same Power that makes nature abundant.

Continue to take 15 minutes a day to still your body and relax every muscle. Appreciate the Sacred Force that is in you, and that is you. Stay relaxed and appreciative. You will see that good things start to click into place.


Author: usethemasterkey

I am discovering amazing things and posting results here. The inspiration is the book, the Master Key, by Charles Haanel, 1915. I find some of the authors assumptions outdated but chose to focus on uncovering and applying the amazing truths he shares in his book. I am writing about it here to encourage others to do the same.

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