2. Notice Your Power

It is true that you have power at your fingertips that most people completely ignore. Learn how to use it, and you will find your hopes and dreams being fulfilled. The power is there freely for everyone and anyone to use. When you realize how fantastic it is, you might wonder why you waited so long to appreciate it.

You Operate in Two Worlds

To harness the power, you have to know yourself better. Your body seems solid and your mind seems to be encased in it. But neither one is true. Your body is matter, which is energy. And your thoughts are energy. Energy vibrates. Your entire being is vibrating energy.

You are very familiar with the solid person. Taking time each day to sit quietly and be in awe of your vibrating energy will open your mind and improve your outlook.

The First Meditation

Sit comfortably still for 15 minutes or more in the Egyptian style, feet flat on the ground, hands on lap. Relax every muscle, release every tension. Let your thoughts wander, but bring them back to consciously relaxing your body. Breathe deep or shallow — whatever helps you relax. Consider that you are not really solid, but that you are vibrating energy.


Author: usethemasterkey

I am discovering amazing things and posting results here. The inspiration is the book, the Master Key, by Charles Haanel, 1915. I find some of the authors assumptions outdated but chose to focus on uncovering and applying the amazing truths he shares in his book. I am writing about it here to encourage others to do the same.

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